Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why does piles cream help facial wrinkles?

it has a tightening effect shrinks the skinWhy does piles cream help facial wrinkles?
This cream helps because it shrinks blood vessels. While I've heard of it helping ';bags'; under the eyes, I've not heard of it being effective for wrinkles elsewhere on the face.Why does piles cream help facial wrinkles?
I read somewhere it was because it works by contracting the skin, so if it works on your a'se it'll work on your face! Can't say I'm likely to try it though! Although models apparently swear by Preperation H in the US.
Retin- A, one of the ingredients

Do you think Oil of Olay will stop my **** being so sore?
Baby oil will have the same effect. try it, its cheaper too!
Beware of any medicated treatment being used for something that they have not been tested or approved for.

If it's not been approved for it, it may be because the manufacturer knows of risks that we might not guess at. (They would like to raise more money, after all).

Remember short-term gain may cause long-term pain!

Good luck! Rob
hemorrhoid creams applied to under the eyes is a temporary fix for puffy skin

does nothing for wrinkles
No Idea, gosh I must be well out of practise, hadn't heard of that one. Not sure that I would even consider trying it, I mean you wouldn't use a reputable eye cream for piles would you.
It doesn't!
It reduces puffy bags under the eyes by constricting the blood vessels. Doubt it'd help with wrinkles though, my mum has botox to get rid of her laughter lines.
awww couldnt use that on my face mite be 36 but they aint that bad yet lol
It doesn't, unless you have wrinkles like ring pieces.
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